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Air Fresheners

Champ Dispenser ID: 1000


All models have chemical-resistant plastic construction, a red usage-indicator light for 3,000 actuated sprays, a keyless “press and release” button for convenient refill, a can-out reminder and an alkaline battery life of 1 year (spraying at 15 minute intervals 24 hours/day, 365 days/year).

Limited Warranty – Chase Products warrants this dispenser to be free of defects in workmanship and material when properly installed and under normal use and service, and when used exclusively with Champion Sprayon Metered products. At Chase’s discretion, we will repair or replace, at no charge and with no time limit, any defective dispenser owned by the original purchaser. Simply return the dispenser, along with the proof of purchase from an authorized Chase distributor of both the dispenser and refills (refills must have been purchased within the preceding 12 months) to Chase Products.


  • Model 1000 – 15 minute interval setting
  • Usage indicator light
  • Keyless release button for convenient refill
  • Chemical-resistant plastic construction
  • Can-out reminder
  • Use with SprayScents® Metered Air Fresheners or Champion Sprayon® Metered Insecticide Spray

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