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Hand Soap

Hand Soap 6/1000 ID: 400012S


Tork Premium Luxury Soft Liquid Soap has multiple layers of ingredients to insure a superior handwashing. Our new premium formula is gentle on skin but mild enough for frequent hand washing. Suitable for Tork Skincare dispensers for soap and hand sanitizers, with proven easy-to- use design, promote good hand hygiene for all visitors.

  • Moisturising and lipid-replenishing ingredients sooth skin
  • Unique Pump built with innovative technology to prevent dripping and clogging
  • High capacity – providing portion control and preventing overuse
  • Easy to use certification: Easy-handling bottles are sealed to prevent dripping, making dispenser refills quick and easy
  • Mild, dermatologically tested, skin caring ingredients care for sensitive skin when frequent handwashing is needed

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