How to create a Purchase Order List

Greetings new customer.

This area will show product’s that are selected for PO. Once you select them they will appear here for you to manage before sending your order to us (MARCAS Adminstration).

Let’s get start:

  1. Go to Products in the menu
  2. Press Add to PO on the product you want to add
  3. Select YES to the question: Add to PO?
  4. Add the Quantity
  5. Select Sale Unit Type
  6. Press SUBMIT

Do this steps for every product you want to add and you will have your purchase order list ready to be send to us!

Once you have your list read, go to PO List in the menu. Check your list, then press SUBMIT PO button to send your purchase order to MARCAS official. You will receive confirmation via email.

Questions about the use of this tool can be sent to INFO@MARCASPR.COM or call us (787) 646-7733 we are glad to help you.